Navigating the probate process in Texas can be overwhelming, especially for beneficiaries dealing with a decedent’s estate. The Probate Law Group brings you good news – a simplified probate process is available for estates below a certain value. This shorter and more efficient process comes with important procedural steps that cannot be avoided.


Who Qualifies for the Simplified Probate Process?

To qualify for the simplified probate process, three criteria must be met: the decedent should not have left behind a will, at least 30 days must have passed since their passing, and the total value of the decedent’s property must not exceed $75,000. Exempt property, more precisely defined in the state statute, does not count towards this amount.

Understanding the Simplified Probate Process

The process may be less costly and involved, but it still requires essential steps. Inheritors begin by filling out a “small estate affidavit,” detailing the decedent’s estate’s property and debts and listing beneficiaries entitled to distribution. A judge’s approval is necessary. Once obtained, beneficiaries present the approved form to banks, companies, or individuals holding the decedent’s assets. This entitles beneficiaries to receive the owed money or property.

Why Seek Professional Guidance?

While the simplified process aims to streamline asset distribution, there can still be hurdles if not executed correctly. To avoid complications, it’s vital to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney. The Probate Law Group can offer sound advice and help implement probate avoidance strategies for estates that exceed the simplified process’s criteria.

Choose The Probate Law Group for Your Texas Probate Needs

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is emotionally challenging, and a prolonged probate process adds further burden. At The Probate Law Group, we empathize with your situation and take the time to guide you and your family through the various probate options in Texas. Our expertise in this field allows us to stand by your side during this difficult time. For a consultation with our team, call 713-574-6080 or fill out our online form to share your situation with us. Let us assist you in navigating the probate process efficiently and with utmost care.