Probate is a poorly understood process. It’s not unusual for Texans to have a great deal of trepidation and worry about the Texas probate process and what it entails.¬†

As probate lawyers in Houston, TX, we want to help clear up some of those misconceptions 

Myth: Probate must always be lengthy and expensive.

We help Texans simplify the probate process every day. Much will depend on the value and complexity of the estate and the circumstances surrounding it.

When you get help from a law firm like ours, probate can be relatively quick and straightforward. Even when probate gets complicated, having lawyers on your side can make it seem simple and painless from your perspective, as your lawyers will be helping you.

Myth: Writing a will prevents probate.

Probate either validates an existing will or verifies that a person has died without a will. This will apply to estate assets, or assets that are solely in the name of the person that died.

Other types of non-probatable assets, for example, trusts pass to their beneficiaries without passing through the probate process. So do life insurance payouts. Much depends on how your deceased loved one conducted their estate planning. 

Myth: Probate is only a problem for the wealthy.

Except under very specific circumstances, the value of an estate will not matter as to whether or not probate is necessary.  Anyone who may be heir to an estate or the executor of one will eventually face the problem of probate. 

Myth: Probate inevitably causes tension amongst family members.

Probate can certainly address heirship disputes, but the process does not cause them. While probate does offer a legal vehicle for potential heirs to challenge a will, it does not, in and of itself, prompt anyone to take that action.

The vast majority of probate processes move forward without challenges and without any sort of family rift.   Having an experienced probate attorney can also help guide families through the probate process without disputes, or help those families develop solutions if there are disputes.  

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